Solutions for difficult applications

European Vans, Dodge Pro Master, Mercedes Sprinter and Others

The draw bar on the receiver hitches used on Dodge Pro Master, Mercedes Sprinter, and other vans of European decent are very near to the edge of the step. The sideways plugs often used on these vans puts extra strain on the trailer cord because of the tight bend. Additionally, they are difficult to plug your trailer cord into properly, which can cause pour connections and/or the cord falls out of the plug and drags on the ground. The sideways plugs also stick out and become shin beaters. Pro Plug’s low profile fits perfectly in these applications and is out of the way when you are working out of the back doors.

Better Installation Locations

In-Bed Camper or 5th Wheel Plug Protected in Upper Recess of Truck Bed Wall

In-bed 7 way plug installations for campers and 5th wheel applications typically position the plug in the lower part of the bed wall where it is subject to abuse if the pickup is used as a truck when not towing and hard to reach when installing a camper. Pro Plug fits perfectly in the upper recessed part of the bed wall where it is protected from damage and more convenient to connect to.

Solutions for difficult applications

RVs with Rock Solid Guards

RVs with a Rock Solid stone guard can be tough to find a place to install a 7-way plug that is accessible, Pro Plug solves that problem because it can mount directly to the surface of the bumper without trying to figure out where to screw in clumsy brackets.

Removable Cord Trailer Connection

A Better Way to Connect Your Trailer

Snowmobile, construction, toy hauler, heck any trailer cord connectors can be a real problem to keep working with ice, snow, and the effects of deicing chemicals used on roads. Our Pro Plug with Coiled Cord combination keeps all of your trailer systems working when you need them. When you disconnect, store the coiled cord inside out of the environment to keep those connections clean. Additionally, if someone wants to borrow your trailer without your permission, so to speak, chances are it won’t happen if there is no cord to connect lights.

Optional Mounting Bracket Systems

Round Tube Hitch Draw Bar Connector Installation

Pro Plug has optional mounting bracket systems designed for installation on hitches with a round tube draw bar, RTA 2.0 and RTA 2.5. The bracket systems are available for 2″ and 2.5″ diameter draw bars, just clamp it on and connect the wiring.

Perfect Fit

The Simplest Receiver Hitch Installation

Pro Plug is a perfect fit for many receiver hitch applications including Super Hitch, GM, Ford Excursion, and Dodge with the sideways connector.

Traditional Installations

Pro Plug is a Better Replacement Solution

When replacing a 7-Way, often the choices of parts at the store leave you with an installation that looks like this, unfortunately this kind of installation is soon to get torn off or damaged.

Simple Replacement Installation

The Perfect Replacement for Sideways Connectors

Pro Plug’s low profile and wiring connection system designed for easy access and serviceability makes a clean connection system safe from road hazards that damage the conventional plug mounting options. This customer had added some halogen backup lights to help with parking his trailer. The trouble is that the factory backup light wiring didn’t handle the load, we added a relay that is powered from the battery charge line from the Pro Plug buss bar and the fuse is inside the Pro Plug cover.

Rock Solid Stone Guard

RV solutions with a Rock Stone Guard

Another RV with a Rock Solid stone guard, it can be tough to find a place to install a 7-way plug that is accessible. Pro Plug solves that problem because it can mount directly to the surface of the bumper without trying to figure out where to screw in clumsy brackets.

Vintage Travel Trailers

Replace Vintage Wiring

Vintage travel trailers are a big trend right now and many are being towed with a vintage vehicle. The old worn out wiring and switches in a vintage vehicle can use a little help when it comes to adding the additional electrical loads of a trailer with modern conveniences. This “Take the Load Off” system updates the trailer tow wiring on your vehicle so the all trailer functions are powered directly from the battery like a modern vehicle. All lights, electric brakes, and battery charge line are independently fused or breaker protected and controlled by relays contained in a water proof fuse and relay center. These are a build to order item so call us for more details.